101 in 1001

As a fellow WAHM Writer has done, I shall do a list of 101 things to accomplish in 1001 days. If I start on January 1, 2009, I will be finished on September 29, 2011–just a month after my 26th birthday, and a week and a half after my 8th wedding anniversary. Wow. Okay, here we go. This is going to be a big New Year’s Resolution, and a motivational tool for me.

Work and Business

  1. Maintain organizational pattern to handle deadlines and time management.
  2. Write a Business Plan for my Web Design Business.
  3. Start working on my idea and patent. (No, I won’t tell you. Don’t ask.)
  4. Write the e-books I have in the back of my mind.
  5. Market said e-books and my articles.
  6. Keep up this blog and monetize it.
  7. Work on my portfolio.
  8. Design sites pro-bono for experience.
  9. Expand my vocabulary.
  10. Study grammar.
  11. Learn to write press releases.
  12. Go back to contributing to the Rich Women Sisterhood.
  13. Learn more about SEO.
  14. 100 Busika articles.
  15. 100 AC Articles (close! 15 articles away should be finished by the end of March!)
  16. 200 BH articles (close! 16 articles away, with 7 to publish in March!)
  17. Strengthen residual income–writing 1 article per day for AC, Bukisa, and eHow started March 3rd.

Home and Family

  1. Spend extra time with Joe before he starts school.
  2. Get stable enough to have another baby.
  3. Have another baby.
  4. Get a car by Jan 26th 2009.
  5. Move into a rental by May.
  6. Buy furnishings. Nice ones.
  7. Get house clean and organized.
  8. Keep it that way.
  9. Go through stuff and donate.
  10. Take a professional family portrait.
  11. Scan all the pictures and negatives.
  12. Get a fireproof box for the originals.
  13. Be the cool PTA Mom.
  14. Visit my great grandparents more often.
  15. Learn to play guitar with Joe.
  16. Learn to play piano with Joe.
  17. Store baby #2’s cord blood.
  18. Take my grandmother out of state for the first time in her life.
  19. Do more on the family tree.
  20. Visit my family’s graves.
  21. Write more in Joe’s baby book.
  22. Make another custom baby book.
  23. Get a killer washer and dryer.
  24. Get a steam cleaner.


  1. Instead of Physical Therapy, do yoga, everyday.
  2. Lose baby weight and then some (just to get prego again). 40 lbs by June 15th 2009.
  3. Quit smoking.
  4. Take “me” time once a month.
  5. Cut out soda, completely by 1/1/10 (I love my Dr. Pepper!)
  6. Get new contacts and glasses.
  7. Look into lasik. (I’m blind as a bat, k?)
  8. Get lasik.
  9. Get my wisdom teeth out.
  10. Get good health insurance.
  11. Set a sleep schedule and stick to it.
  12. Drink wine instead of vodka when I do decide to drink (very rare now)
  13. Eat at least one vegetable a day, everyday.
  14. Try a new food at least once a month.
  15. Start Once-a-Month Cooking again.
  16. Get a physical.
  17. Take vitamins.


  1. Save for taxes.
  2. Make at least $500 a week after taxes.
  3. Save a down payment for a house.
  4. Clean up my credit.
  5. Start and stay on track with student loan payments.
  6. Start an IRA.
  7. Start a 529.
  8. Contribute to IRA.
  9. Contribute to 529.

Romance and Love

  1. Monthly date night.
  2. Finish reading the books together.
  3. Get my wedding band and engagement ring soughtered (sp?) together.
  4. Engrave Jaytee’s wedding band.
  5. Celebrate Valentine’s Day again.
  6. Do one nice, unexpected thing for hubby each day.
  7. Write love letters again.
  8. Go on my honeymoon.


  1. Volunteer somewhere I am needed locally.
  2. Donate to Cancer Research more.
  3. Donate to Cerebral Palsy research.
  4. Donate to the March of Dimes more.
  5. Donate to AIDS research more.
  6. Look in to starting a non-profit.
  7. Choose the cause I want to fight for with said non-profit.
  8. Start said non-profit.
  9. Start a local Rich Women Sisterhood chapter.

Misc. and Fun

  1. Get a Wii and Wii Fit.
  2. Get an X-Box 360.
  3. Get a new digi cam.
  4. Get a new, big, tv.
  5. Get a video camera.
  6. Go on a vacation that does not require someone being dead or dying.
  7. Learn to drive.
  8. Try out for Don’t Forget the Lyrics or Are You Smarter than a Firth Grader. (Just need to print the app and fill it out!)
  9. Finish my Bucket List.
  10. Get a tattoo to memorialize my mother-in-law, my best friend.
  11. Get new clothes to celebrate my weight loss.
  12. Get a manicure and pedicure.
  13. Write my Tax Credit Proposal by and have ready to send to Congress by April 15, 2009.
  14. Remember Christmas cards in time.
  15. Remember to send Thank You notes.
  16. Upgrade my laptop.
  17. Learn at least one foreign language.
  18. Read for fun again, at least one book a month.

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  1. Great List! I wish I had thought of some of those. Good Luck!!
    Margo (bluewingz from twitter)

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