Christmas Eve

Today has been rather hectic but I figured it would be the best day to start up the new blog.

After hustling to get some work done and get ready to go to Mom’s, we stopped at McDonald’s and then wrapped presents and cooked the turkey and ham to take to Grandma’s house.

Fast forward a few hours. Now, we’re at Grandma Luci’s and Joe walks in…(Before we left, we had our “best behavior” talk) “Hey Grandma, I love you! Where are the toys?”

She goes to get his Christmas gifts from our Great Aunt Hilda. He then clarifies he meant “the regular, not new Christmas toys.” Everyone laughs, and I’m just standing there. She tells him she doesn’t know where they are (she lives alone and Joe is the only great-grandchild) so he gets to open presents.

He got:

  • Spider Man Tattoo Tape
  • Spider Man Hoody
  • Spider Man Shirt (with a blinking light!)
  • Spider Man Memory Game
  • Spider Man Learning Workbook

all inside a Spider Man gift bag! From Great Grandma Luci, he got $50 for Christmas, and $50 for birthday (coming up in a few weeks.) Hubby and I also got $50 each for being the wonderful grandchildren we are, I guess.

We just opened a present here at Mom’s house. Joe opened the Hulk Smash Hands, and is now disappointed he did not get the mask. I got a Pink Floyd shirt made out of the long john material for winter time since I have a t-shirt and complain about not being able to wear it in the cold. :) Hubby got a Hot Sauce Gift Set (which we both love!) so I see chili in the making very soon.

More tomorrow morning! I’m upset because my camera pooped out on me after ONE picture. No pics in the AM. :(

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