Christmas Day!

Yay! It’s finally here! I am so excited.

Joe’s disappointment was short lived because Mom also got him the Hulk Powerful Mask he was so upset about not getting with the hands last night.

He opened his presents from us at Mom’s house and looked up and said, “Thanks Mom! Thanks Dad! This is the best Christmas EVER! I love you guys!” and nearly made me cry.

Here’s what we gave him:

  • I Can Play Guitar
  • I Can Play Piano (I have to take it back, it doesn’t work. That made me so sad.)
  • Rock 101 for the Guitar
  • American Idol Favorites for the Piano
  • Blue’s Clues Kindergarten Computer Game
  • Handy Manny Bowling Set
  • Kinex (He and Grandpa Dave put together the airplane together just a few minutes ago)
  • Star Wars Light Sabers (one is red, his favorite color; the other is blue, mine and hubby’s favorite color.)

My sister loved the computer, and I spent time having to set up the router, only to find out my wireless adapter I put it in was bad. :( I ordered a new one immediately so she’ll be online in a few days. She was also in love with the MP4 Player Hubby and I got her, because it also reads e-books. Nevermind the music and the movies, she likes the e-book thing. LOL.

My even younger little sister loved the Cinderella Castle kit we got her, but yeah, the DS Mom got her topped that one. Oh well, can’t win them all.

Going back to work tomorrow and I don’t want to. :(

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