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VSmile Cyber PocketToday, we went to the post office to pick up the brand new VSmile CyberPocket I ordered last week for Joe’s birthday. I decided that since his piano toy crapped out on us and because Grandma Luci had given us $50 to pick up something for him for Christmas that I would just give it to him now.

This means that his birthday gift from us will now be the Build-a-Bear with a Spider Man Costume and an Oakland Raiders outfit (that he has been asking for for over six months,)

So anyway, Joe seems to love the Cyber Pocket. It works with all his VSmile cartridges, so he gets to play all of his favorite games, and the portability is wonderful! I really wish we would have had it on our recent trip to Oaklahoma. It came with a game, and a V-Link so he can save his scores online on a secure site. We haven’t played with that yet. My favorite part is that he immediately recognized it as a “Nintendo DS for Kids.” My seven year-old sister got one for Christnas, so he will have something like it to play with tomorrow when we go watch football with Mom and Stepdad.

He still wants the V-Motion, which he already knows to be like the Nintendo Wii for Kids. I swear, my child soaks up advertising too much, and we really don’t watch a lot of television. I’m thinking that will Grandma Luci’s birthday present to him, but I am torn between that and the LeapFrog Tag Reader. Help me decide?

If anyone is looking for a toy to keep the kiddos occupied out of the house and make them feel like they are a big kid while learning, the VSmile Cyber Pocket sure is it! I swear by their products, and no, they don’t pay me. Maybe they should. Hear that V-Tech?

Share your thoughts on the Cyber Pocket with me… I’m less than 24 hours in!

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  1. My daughter is 8 now, but she still has her VSmile Pocket (there wasn’t a cyber back then). Even though she has the DS now, she still likes the games on the VSmile and pulls it out about once a month and plays it. I love VSmile products. My daughter has always liked those better than Leapfrog products. I’m not sure why.

    btw…thanks for adding me to your blogroll…I’ll do the same.

    • @Kimberly Thanks. That’s the only thing I do not like about VSmile–Joe missed out on the newer console with the mic. They change their stuff too much, though I am sure it is to make it better. It’s good to know that she still likes it despite having a DS. :) We don’t have very many LeapFrog products, but I know my son likes V-Smile better, too.

  2. No problem. Glad I could be reassuring…I know when I’m chatting with people in the real world and online they always seem to prefer Leapfrog…so I tried several, but Cameron has always spent more time with her VTech stuff. Not sure why.

  3. He’ll be turning 5 in January. He reads a bit now. :) This is marked 5+. He got the original VSmile Console (the one without the mic) when he turned 3. You may want to try that. It’s cheaper, and the games will work with the Cyber Pocket when she gets big enough for it, :)

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