Crossing my fingers!

I am thankful I watched the news tonight. As many of you know, I am dying to go to the inauguration. I had originally planned to go to be close to the festivities without tickets, but the trip to Oklahoma and the fact that my son’s birthday is just the week before, along with racing to earn money for my *much* needed vehicle–killed that plan.

Fox Carolina informed me that ten essays on what the inauguration means to you will be chosen between now and January 8th, and the writers will be awarded airfare for two, hotel accommodations, and tickets to the ceremony and the ball. I immediately went to the news website, found the link, wrote my essay and donated my crappy $5 (which was not required.)

Here is the essay I wrote–bear in mind my thoughts were racing as I tried to find the words to express what this does mean to me, and there was no word count mentioned. Please tell me what you think, and please cross your fingers and hope that I am one of those lucky 10 chosen.

“This inauguration is monumental to me for a number of reasons. As a young, struggling, work-at-home mother with a husband who lost his job as a result of the plummeting economy, I am one of the millions who needs the change the Obama administration is going to bring.

I am working to enhance the quality of my life on my own the best I can, but knowing my government will have me in mind again is very comforting to me. Sending my son to Kindergarten in August will be much easier now that I know the education system will be changing for the better.

Not only does this inauguration mean that I will be able to provide a better life for my family, it is a true sign that my son will spend very important years of his life growing up in a world changing for the better instead of the worse–where minds broaden and open to new things, instead of continuing to close.

This inauguration means I will be able to improve my health, as my cerebral palsy impacts my physical abilities. With Obama’s health care program, I will be able to afford physical therapy and not worry so much.

The inauguration is one of the things that keeps me motivated to change my life for the better so that I will be around to see my grandchildren, and my great-grandchildren.

I am going to try to visit the D.C. area to be close to the action (without tickets or actually going to the ceremony) if I can afford to, just to say I was close, and that I was a part of major United States History. To be able to have the guarantee to go, along with the place to stay while there would be one of the most amazing gifts I will ever receive.”

I know it’s a long shot that I would be chosen, and honestly will be very broken hearted if I don’t get to go. I wasn’t counting on being able to go, decided to go no matter what, and still may not be able to pull it off.

It’s not like I *need* to go, but as a 23 year old woman who was sleeping when 9/11 happened (I missed one piece of history in my lifetime, I don’t want to miss this one.) who supported Obama, and is very political (and shaping herself into an activist for all sorts of important things) compared to peers in her age group–I really feel like it.

The idea of the possibility that I can do this gives me butterflies. I am hell-bent on making positive changes in my life, helping others do the same, and seeing 2009 as an incredible year to wash the terrible events of 2008 down the drain–and this, would be one hell of a good omen.

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