The Birthday Party

Yesterday we celebrated Joe’s birthday because of the kids having school today. Pretty much everyone flaked on us. Mom was sick, so for a few minutes, I thought I was not going to have a ride. I broke down and cried for bit–then found a ride to Mom’s to borrow the van.

We went to my sister’s house to get my other little sister’s gift card for Build-a-Bear. Then, we took Joe and my youngest sister  the mall where the local Build a Bear is.

Just a few moments later, “Ron (insert Joe’s middle name and last name here) Bear” was born. He chose the Black “Dimples” bear. He dressed him in the Spiderman outfit I bought to bring in the store. Morgan built the Pink Limited Edition Monk and named her Clara. They got little houses and birth certificates for them. I got a “Stuff Fur Stuff Club” card for discounts and all that junk.

Joe told the lady who helped him build his bear that he loved her and would get her a necklace for his birthday. :)

We went to KFC and grabbed lunch. Then, we went to the bowling alley. It was crazy full, so we left. After a failed attempt to convince the kids to go see Betime Stories, we went to Wal-Mart to let Joe spend the birthday money from Great-Grandma Luci.

While there, someone got in a fight, so we had to leave with the kids covered in my jacket so they wouldn’t see the blood. But, Joe picked out Operation, and Monopoly Town. We also got him bathtub crayons, bath foam soap, and these little tablets that change the color of the water. So cool! I wish I would have had that!

We finally went bowling. Joe bowled an 84. Morgan, a 77. It was so fun. :)

We came home and played Monopoly Town. He took a bath with purple water and drew me pictures! We changed Ron into the Raiders outfit, and he crashed hard, holding Ron. Sooo sweet.

Pictures coming soon when I get my digi cam working again. LOL

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