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Here’s a picture of the layout I made. The catch is that since this is a WP hosted blog with a domain pointed to it, I apparently can’t upload a custom theme like I did with what is supposed to be my portfolio site–which is severely lacking, by the way. When I did the custom theme there, I hosted the site elsewhere and installed WP myself, and I didn’t use graphics anywhere but the header, so of course my design skills once agian out do my coding. I’m beginning to think I should not be a web designer and I wasted time in two years of college. Oh well, I will figure it out someday, and if you can help me, please please, let me know.


I think if I move this to, slice the image, get the CSS from Photoshop because I’m lazy, and then build the theme from scratch with the PHP and that CSS, I’ll be good.

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  1. Hi, cool site, good writing ;)

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