Forgive me…

As some of you may have noticed, I’ve canned the Love Dare, and stopped blogging here so much.
I don’t want to talk about it. I’m hiding in my own little corner, doing what needs to do be done. That’s all that everyone needs to know.
My love has torn me down the last time. [...]

The Love Dare: Day 1: Love is Not Angry

Today’s Love Dare:  Go an entire day without saying anything negative to your spouse.
My thoughts: Wow. All I can say is wow. I didn’t expect the book to hit me like it did just a few pages into it. It made sense.
Our results: I woke up groggy and fussed about the dogs, so that was [...]

Transformation Thursday: Rollercoaster Ride

Everyone that reads this blog must think I have serious issues and need help. Truth is, I probably do, but I believe in helping myself. Not that people who get help from others are wrong for doing so, but when you’ve lost your best friend (my mother in law, by the way, yes.) because of [...]

Need Help

I need help. Student loans are starting to come due, and I have a decision to make. Here are my options:
One: Stay away from more school and pay the loans. (This is my first favorite idea, but I’m scared.)
Two: Go back to AiO for the Interactive Media and Web Design B.S. which I am at [...]

The Love Dare Project

I was supposed to start the Love Dare on Valentine’s Day, but of course, I waited too long to order the book. I’ll start as soon as it gets here, and in the meantime, enjoy reading everyone else’s journey.
Update: My book came yesterday. I started Day one today. I think this is going [...]

Dear Kid Saturday: Helping Mom

Dear Joe,
This week has been stressful for Mom. You usually enjoy adding to the stress, and I’m not sure what changed this week. Whatever it is, I like it.
You were so good when we went to dinner at Rita’s. You ordered your food yourself, which I’d never seen you do before. By the way, the [...]

Transformation Thursday: At a loss

Okay, I had no idea what to title this one. Really, this week has a been a bad one, but of course, at the tail end of it I see things picking up.
Hubby and I had issues from Thursday-Sunday. I don’t want to talk about it. I won’t talk about it unless I like and [...]

Family Dinner @ Rita’s Cantina

In October, had an 80% off special. That means $25 gift certificates cost $2. I got a few of them and held on to them. Tonight, I realized that you only had to spend $35 to be able to use it–so that meant I could get a good meal for around the price of [...]

Save the Words

Do your part! Adopt a word from Save the Words. My word tecnolatry means “the worship or idolatry of children.” I love them, but don’t quite worship them.

Transformation Thursday: Feeling Sluggish

This week sucked. My big $$ temp job that was supposed to run through March, has been on hold for two weeks. There goes the money goal. My BH writers caused me to slave and be chained to my desk with a few other good writer friends of mine because no one knows how to [...]

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