Transformation Thursday: Feeling Sluggish

This week sucked. My big $$ temp job that was supposed to run through March, has been on hold for two weeks. There goes the money goal. My BH writers caused me to slave and be chained to my desk with a few other good writer friends of mine because no one knows how to follow deadlines. Now, having to crack down and losing a lot of them to plagiarism. Ugh.

I got my glasses and contacts, just in time because my old glasses broke.

It’s been cold and snowy for the past few days. The heater has been running down here all day full blast, and still it stays between 55 and 59 degrees. I’m starting to get sick. I am going to fall behind on deadlines.

Father in law is out of town and my evil step mother in law has conveniently “forgotten” to check the fax machine for two days. I am so about to give up the hope of a house.

I need a virtual scream.

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  1. What a horrible week! I’m sorry things are so rough right now. At least you’ll be able to weed out some of the BH writers so maybe this doesn’t happen again next week.

    Your goal might get pushed back a little bit, but you’ll still get there. Hang in there, and it’ll all sort itself out. Don’t give up on the house dream. You’ll get there.


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