Family Dinner @ Rita’s Cantina

In October, had an 80% off special. That means $25 gift certificates cost $2. I got a few of them and held on to them. Tonight, I realized that you only had to spend $35 to be able to use it–so that meant I could get a good meal for around the price of a pizza or fast food.

We went to Rita’s Cantina (if you didn’t notice the post title, hehe) which I’m sure is only local. We’d never been there before, so we didn’t know what to expect. Price wasn’t really an issue, because of the certificate I knew we couldn’t really go overboard.

Well, Joe’s quesadilla was $3.25. I thought surely it would come with something more than cheese stuffed in a tortilla, but nope. I got chimichangas, for $9.45. Jaytee got the burrito supreme for $11.25. We sat waiting on our food, which didn’t take long, so that was a plus (or was it?)

I was greatly disturbed because instead of offering crayons to color the menu (covered in games and activities for a child, but impossible to do without a writing utensil…I’m not carrying crayons, or letting him loose with ink) the waitress was willing to provide play-dough. Not only did she suggest it to him before asking how we felt, but it’s not appropriate at the dinner table at home, let alone a public restaurant.

So, our food gets there, and for the price, we expected something larger. I don’t eat much, so if I go out, the left overs are always enough for at least another meal. This was still the case for me tonight, because I filled up on chips and salsa. Seriously people, the burritos at Taco Bell are larger than the main portion of our meal. Um, Taco Bell has combo meals that come with beans and rice just like ours, for around $6.

So, yeah, maybe this food tastes better than any other tex-mex… maybe that’s why it’s so high. HAHA. Now, it certainly tastes better than dog food, but not better than anything I could make at home. I’m pretty good in the kitchen, but still. Maybe because the waitress ranted and raved about all the menu items, I set the bar a little too high.

So, waitress is attentive, but rude. She came back and said, “If he can’t have play-dough, can he have a “b-a-l-l-o-o-n?” We said yes, seconds before Joe says, “Oh a balloon!” She made sure to ask his favorite color and he got his balloon.

(I understand not all children can spell and read as he can, and he does look younger than he is, but after he ordered his food by himself…I guess I found it insulting… not because she spelled it, but because her tone suggested it was a consolation prize because we were wrong to not allow him the play dough.)

We get the check. It’s $38 something, with a polite  and convenient (in any other case, maybe I was in a bad mood) tip calculation for 15-25%. She checked my certificate to make sure gratuity did not have to be added–how presumptuous…I’m not a bad tipper, but uh… I’m not an idiot either. Listen to me when I say it is not required. Do I look like a party of 8 to you? They were aware they take these certificates, train the lady right! I gave her a $20, grabbed my leftovers, thanked her and left.

$22 bucks for a meal that cost $45 with tax and tip, I still can’t complain. It was worth that, but had I just strolled in without that gift certificate, I’d have been really upset.

Yeah okay, I’m in a pissy mood… Sorry Rita’s. But one more thing. Your website sucks.

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