Dear Kid Saturday: Helping Mom

Dear Joe,

This week has been stressful for Mom. You usually enjoy adding to the stress, and I’m not sure what changed this week. Whatever it is, I like it.

You were so good when we went to dinner at Rita’s. You ordered your food yourself, which I’d never seen you do before. By the way, the way you spoke to the waitress, “Jennifer, I’d like to have the cheesy tortilla, with pink lemonade please.” was so darn cute. If you were that nice to me, I’d just eat you up with hugs and kisses.

You’ve been working hard on your stuff at MyNoggin and with Blue’s Clues Kindergarten. It shows, too, because you’re learning about the solar system and naming planets to Mom a lot. You’re so very smart and I am so proud of you. I think you’re actually starting to look forward to school in August.

You’re very excited about today being Valentine’s Day. I asked you to make me a pretty Valentine’s Day card, and you said no, but you did say you’d be my Valentine. :)

You’re a bit upset by the fact that Dad and I are going out today, alone, to celebrate. See, Mom and Dad have had a rough time lately, and it’s time for them to spend some time loving each other, instead of wanting to scream at the sight of each other.

At any rate, if you’re good for Granny Grace today, Mama will bring her Valentine something really nice, okay?

Lots of Love,


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  1. Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your Joes. :-)

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