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I need help. Student loans are starting to come due, and I have a decision to make. Here are my options:

One: Stay away from more school and pay the loans. (This is my first favorite idea, but I’m scared.)

Two: Go back to AiO for the Interactive Media and Web Design B.S. which I am at least half way through with my current credits.

Three: Go back to AiO for the Advertising B.S. which I am also at least half way through with my current credits. (This is my second favorite idea.)

Four: Go back to another school for a completely different program.

Help! I can’t make up my mind.

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  1. Well, if you’re still working on getting out of debt and buying a house, adding another bill right now might not be the best idea. If financial aid will pay for most of your schooling, and you have time to take a class or two, I’d go back. Either degree is good to have, especially in freelancing. That would be my first choice.
    On the other hand, depending on how much more education will actually cost after any aid, it might be better to just start off on the student loan, and get it taken care off. More school is good, but only if you have time for it. You can always go back after your son starts school. You’ll have more time then for work and school both, so it’ll be a little easier.

  2. Well, I’ve temporarily put the house on hold. We’re going to spend our tax return on cleaning up some of the debt, furnishing a rental, and getting into said rental.

    I fear I do not have the mental capacity or time to go back, because I finished the last program in September. I also fear though, that I won’t be able to make these payments, and I’ll need to if I expect what little good credit I have to stay that way.

    Thanks for your help with my dilemma.

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