The Love Dare Project

I was supposed to start the Love Dare on Valentine’s Day, but of course, I waited too long to order the book. :) I’ll start as soon as it gets here, and in the meantime, enjoy reading everyone else’s journey.

Update: My book came yesterday. I started Day one today. I think this is going to be an excellent growth and learning experience for my marriage. :) I told hubby about it, and he said he’d do it too, because it shouldn’t be one sided.

I know those of you that know about what’s been going on with hubby think I’m nuts. I honestly believe that I’ve made the right decision and things may get bleak again, but they’ll be handled much differently, as we’re finding new understanding and respect for one another.

I am so grateful to Toni for tweeting about this, as I never would have found it. In sharing her idea with the rest of her network, she is going to help so many other relationships strenghthen and broaden. I am so excited, so happy, and eager. Thanks Toni.

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  1. I am so excited you are doing this and I hope like you say it helps many relationships far and wide but knowing I have sparked something in just one outside of my own is gift enough :)

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