The Love Dare: Day 1: Love is Not Angry

Today’s Love Dare:  Go an entire day without saying anything negative to your spouse.

My thoughts: Wow. All I can say is wow. I didn’t expect the book to hit me like it did just a few pages into it. It made sense.

Our results: I woke up groggy and fussed about the dogs, so that was negative, but not to him, at him, or about him. :) I tried to extend it to my son as well, but his behavior did not allow for me to avoid negativity there.

We’ve gone many days without saying negative things to each other now that I think about it, but today is what made me realize that.

Now, to brag a little on my hubby.

Last night, Joe was horrid. The dogs (we’re dog sitting, mine’s in heat, we are attempting to breed, against my will. LOL) were terrible. I had work to do. I felt like crap (I’m in one of my spells, gotta love Cerebral Palsy, I swear…) and it was bad. Real bad. Jaytee was gone. I called him, told him I needed chocolate, smokes, and soda, and asked him to stop by the store on his way home.

He came home with a 20 oz for me to drink while the 2 liter got cold, two different chocolate bars (one with nuts, and one with heath) so I could choose my posion, a pack of cigs (though I don’t *need* those, addiction is a bitch) and a lighter. He convinced Joe to go to bed early. He kissed me and left again because he dropped what he was doing to run home to me, by choice.

Joe woke up at 6:30 this morning. Jaytee got up and kept him quiet, which is something neither of us do often. When there are not dogs around, he plays quietly and we can see him wherever is. We semi-sleep until daylight or a little after when he asks for food.

He didn’t stop there. He took him out of the house by 7:15. They went to the store and got me something. He killed time and took a friend to work.

He calls me at 1o this morning, minutes after I’d woken up on my own in a panic because I thought it was past noon. He stopped by to drop off what he’d bought. He and Joe left again, because now that I had slept, I needed time to relax and work in peace and quiet.

It wasn’t his fault that the laptop wanted to lose the wireless adapter every 2 minutes. It wasn’t his fault that I didn’t want to get out of bed to use the desktop to solve that problem. I didn’t get much of anything done until later on when I got upset and realized I was already falling behind and forced myself to the desk to work.

I told him I didn’t get anything done. He said, “It’s okay, and you know it. You relaxed. You had time to yourself.”

The man I fell in love with is shining through all the crap we’ve put each other through over the last 15 months. I’ve tried to remain just as thoughtful and kind as always, but I know I haven’t. It makes it easier now though, that’s for sure.

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