I have been so busy that I forgot Dear Kid Saturday! Oh no! I will have to write a post and back date it.
Things are moving swiftly in the right direction. I have a portion of savings that is almost a deposit. I spent the day Saturday driving around calling places for rent in the [...]

Dear Kid Saturday: Wii!

Dearest Joe Joe Bear–
You have been amazing to Mommy this week. You are truly my favorite person ever and always will be. You’re such a big helper playing “trash-ketball” and feeding Lexi.
We got our Wii and Fit Monday, and you have been having fun working out with Mommy. As I write this, you [...]


A poem about heartache and pain.
See more at http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/1578507/closure.html


Many of you have probably wondered where the hell I have been. Truth be told, I’ve been working less, fighting an emotional wave or two. I’m still around and working, but I’m less active socially on all my outlets, AIM, Yahoo, and most definitely Twitter. I’m sorry. I’m genuinely starting to miss some of you [...]

Dear Kid Saturday: Testing the Waters

Dear Joe–
I really believe you are the most hard headed child on this planet. I cannot seem to get it through your little head no matter what I do that you are not to speak to me or your grandmother as though we are here only to serve you. If you do not stop barking [...]

Dear Kid Saturday: Craziness and Fun

Dear Joe–
Mom’s a few weeks behind on these letters, and I’m sorry. This week has been nuts, but fun for us. We’ve been playing the “Copy Me” game and learning how to read. Even though the Copy Me game is always your idea, you tend to get upset after about 10 minutes of me copying [...]

Protected: Emotional Overflow

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