Dear Kid Saturday: Testing the Waters

Dear Joe–

I really believe you are the most hard headed child on this planet. I cannot seem to get it through your little head no matter what I do that you are not to speak to me or your grandmother as though we are here only to serve you. If you do not stop barking orders and demands at us, you my dear, will be sorely disappointed when toys start going to boys and girls who really deserve them. If you do not stop raising your voice and throwing things at me or anyone who tries to get you in shape, you’re not going to have a thing left to throw.

I’m sorry you’ve been sick for the last couple of days, but honestly son, when you have the energy to be rude and run around making trouble for mom, you’re not sick anymore. To tell me you’re going to take a nap to get out of chores makes me very angry.

I love you very much, and I thank you for being so sweet to Dad on his birthday this week. Seriously though, knock off the crap.



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