Dear Kid Saturday: Wii!

Dearest Joe Joe Bear–

You have been amazing to Mommy this week. You are truly my favorite person ever and always will be. You’re such a big helper playing “trash-ketball” and feeding Lexi. :)

We got our Wii and Fit Monday, and you have been having fun working out with Mommy. As I write this, you are playing Wii Music, and are even okay with the fact that it has to go back to Blockbuster today. No fuss, and I’m very proud of you! You’re very impressed with the fact that you have a Wii Mii that looks so much like you, and can’t get over how much Grandpa Dave’s and Mommy’s look like them too.

Every day, you’ve waited for Mom to get up before playing with the Wii, because you understand that it’s not just a toy, it’s meant to help Mom look and feel better too. I’m thankful for your understanding and compliance. You’ve let Mommy get her work done every day this week, and that is very good because she got her big job back for a couple weeks!

Wii Bowling has been very fun with you and Grandpa Dave this week. Keep it up, buddy, and we’ll go do something special just me and you very soon.

Love you forever!


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