I have been so busy that I forgot Dear Kid Saturday! Oh no! I will have to write a post and back date it.

Things are moving swiftly in the right direction. I have a portion of savings that is almost a deposit. I spent the day Saturday driving around calling places for rent in the neighboring county I have settled on. I’m continuing to work for the big client that will single-handedly finance my home and furnishings. Nothing promising came out of my day trip, but I did see my future surroundings and they are B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!

I learned a very big lesson Friday. Never go to a strange bar where you don’t know where you are, even if you are with someone you consider a close friend…. and never discount the one who comes almost 90 minutes across two counties to rescue you from your own drunken stupor.

In a span of two hours, I drank: 2 Long Islands, a jello shot that was like 3 shots in a syringe, 2 Bud Lights, a shot of Tequila Rose and a Sex on the Beach. Okay, not smart. I’m a fairly small person, and my tolerance isn’t all that great anymore.

In my drunken stupor, I denied three strange men my phone number and a ride to my original destination. I did not get in a fight, I did not wake up next to a stranger, and I did not have to get bailed out of jail–but I did have to call my bestest friend ever to come save me… and somehow, I was coherent enough for him to understand me. (Maybe because he’s spent many a time intoxicated with me? Maybe it’s because he just *knows* me that well… either way, I’m very thankful.)

I am doing the right things for my son and I. Letting go of my husband, hoping for a better life for him while taking the necessary steps to provide one for the two of us, independently of him. I am considering taking some radical moves to throw my husband into a better life for himself, with the support of five others, but I’m not sure how that will pan out yet. I’ve learned the easy path is the one that leads to pain, so this harder path to get him better may be the one I really do need to take…. because in doing so, it doesn’t mean mine has to cross with his again.

As much as it hurts, I have an incredible person in my life that will stand by me no matter where this road I call my crazy life takes me, so it makes the pain a little less sharp.

On another goal progress note, I met my Wii Fit goal of two pounds, originally due tomorrow, three or four days ago. I reduced my Wii Fit Age to 27, which is still older than I am, but hey! I’m doing well.

Maybe I’ll remember to do Transformation Thursday and Dear Kid Saturday this week! :)

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  1. Thats great that you have someone you can count on in this life. I have been fortunate to have a few myself. Never forget your goals, and never give up on your dreams. You can achieve anything. The narrow, rockey, and unbeaten path leads to success, triumph, and happiness. The wide, paved road leads to disaster, pain, and agony.

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