Online Reputation Management

In my recent discoveries and new business ventures, I have discovered something very important, and that is Online Reputation Management.

When you are representing your name or business online, reputation management is something that should always, yet rarely does, have extreme care and planning placed on it.

An online reputation is just as important as a personal or business reputation in the face to face world, because it has a great impact on what people think of you, and even how search engines may perceive your website.

When planning your next website or business venture, always consider your design, words, and all facets of your website, social media, and advertising campaigns and how they may affect your online reputation. This is especially true of using social networking sites such as Twitter, where all of your tweets may be indexed, unless you make the profile private.

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I have been so busy that I forgot Dear Kid Saturday! Oh no! I will have to write a post and back date it.

Things are moving swiftly in the right direction. I have a portion of savings that is almost a deposit. I spent the day Saturday driving around calling places for rent in the neighboring county I have settled on. I’m continuing to work for the big client that will single-handedly finance my home and furnishings. Nothing promising came out of my day trip, but I did see my future surroundings and they are B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!

I learned a very big lesson Friday. Never go to a strange bar where you don’t know where you are, even if you are with someone you consider a close friend…. and never discount the one who comes almost 90 minutes across two counties to rescue you from your own drunken stupor.

In a span of two hours, I drank: 2 Long Islands, a jello shot that was like 3 shots in a syringe, 2 Bud Lights, a shot of Tequila Rose and a Sex on the Beach. Okay, not smart. I’m a fairly small person, and my tolerance isn’t all that great anymore.

In my drunken stupor, I denied three strange men my phone number and a ride to my original destination. I did not get in a fight, I did not wake up next to a stranger, and I did not have to get bailed out of jail–but I did have to call my bestest friend ever to come save me… and somehow, I was coherent enough for him to understand me. (Maybe because he’s spent many a time intoxicated with me? Maybe it’s because he just *knows* me that well… either way, I’m very thankful.)

I am doing the right things for my son and I. Letting go of my husband, hoping for a better life for him while taking the necessary steps to provide one for the two of us, independently of him. I am considering taking some radical moves to throw my husband into a better life for himself, with the support of five others, but I’m not sure how that will pan out yet. I’ve learned the easy path is the one that leads to pain, so this harder path to get him better may be the one I really do need to take…. because in doing so, it doesn’t mean mine has to cross with his again.

As much as it hurts, I have an incredible person in my life that will stand by me no matter where this road I call my crazy life takes me, so it makes the pain a little less sharp.

On another goal progress note, I met my Wii Fit goal of two pounds, originally due tomorrow, three or four days ago. I reduced my Wii Fit Age to 27, which is still older than I am, but hey! I’m doing well.

Maybe I’ll remember to do Transformation Thursday and Dear Kid Saturday this week! :)

Dear Kid Saturday: Wii!

Dearest Joe Joe Bear–

You have been amazing to Mommy this week. You are truly my favorite person ever and always will be. You’re such a big helper playing “trash-ketball” and feeding Lexi. :)

We got our Wii and Fit Monday, and you have been having fun working out with Mommy. As I write this, you are playing Wii Music, and are even okay with the fact that it has to go back to Blockbuster today. No fuss, and I’m very proud of you! You’re very impressed with the fact that you have a Wii Mii that looks so much like you, and can’t get over how much Grandpa Dave’s and Mommy’s look like them too.

Every day, you’ve waited for Mom to get up before playing with the Wii, because you understand that it’s not just a toy, it’s meant to help Mom look and feel better too. I’m thankful for your understanding and compliance. You’ve let Mommy get her work done every day this week, and that is very good because she got her big job back for a couple weeks!

Wii Bowling has been very fun with you and Grandpa Dave this week. Keep it up, buddy, and we’ll go do something special just me and you very soon.

Love you forever!


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A poem about heartache and pain.

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Many of you have probably wondered where the hell I have been. Truth be told, I’ve been working less, fighting an emotional wave or two. I’m still around and working, but I’m less active socially on all my outlets, AIM, Yahoo, and most definitely Twitter. I’m sorry. I’m genuinely starting to miss some of you (those that I haven’t chatted with in my brief stints on AIM or Yahoo) and I promise to get back in the groove soon.

I went out with my best friend, who so happens to be male. It was not a romantic date–we’ve been friends 9 years and never pursued each other in that respect. It stirred up some trouble (keep reading) but all is okay, and I’m *NOT* giving up my best friend. He’s one of the greatest people I have ever met. I had a *great* time with him at Hooters of all places and was ready to face the world again, for a few days at least. It was so great going back to those high school days, not being a wife and mom, even if only for a few hours.

Things on the home front have been, strange, to say the least. We’re getting along, for the most part. I’m having very mixed feelings. I’ll sort them out on my own throughout time, as each day passes by. I’ve learned I have to take it one day at a time and not hope too hard or expect too much.

We got our tax return and paid off some bills, and I finally got my Wii and Wii Fit. I’ve been working out every day now for 3 days. I’m sore, but the pain is actually a lot less than the normal CP muscle aches and pains I usually experience. It’s very strange to say that I’m feeling better even though I still feel like crap.

We went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner for Jaytee’s birthday last Thursday. Joe flirted with the waitress as usual, and I satisfied my carnivorous cravings with a nice medium rare sirloin steak. :)

Sunday, I had a terrible stomach virus, and we’ve all had a touch of it. I’m no longer sick to my stomach, but I’m still feeling very bleck. Joe is having issues, but feels better.

The best thing, I was right. Joe’s behavior was related to nothing more than his boredom, and has not been because I’m a terrible young mother. In the three days since we’ve had the Wii, he stays busy enough to allow me to work, (now if I could just get the work and feel like doing it, we’d be in business!) and has been a *perfect* angel child! I’ve probably jinxed it now, but oh well. I have my little boy back! Yay!

Till next time…Keep hope alive!


Dear Kid Saturday: Testing the Waters

Dear Joe–

I really believe you are the most hard headed child on this planet. I cannot seem to get it through your little head no matter what I do that you are not to speak to me or your grandmother as though we are here only to serve you. If you do not stop barking orders and demands at us, you my dear, will be sorely disappointed when toys start going to boys and girls who really deserve them. If you do not stop raising your voice and throwing things at me or anyone who tries to get you in shape, you’re not going to have a thing left to throw.

I’m sorry you’ve been sick for the last couple of days, but honestly son, when you have the energy to be rude and run around making trouble for mom, you’re not sick anymore. To tell me you’re going to take a nap to get out of chores makes me very angry.

I love you very much, and I thank you for being so sweet to Dad on his birthday this week. Seriously though, knock off the crap.



Dear Kid Saturday: Craziness and Fun

Dear Joe–

Mom’s a few weeks behind on these letters, and I’m sorry. This week has been nuts, but fun for us. We’ve been playing the “Copy Me” game and learning how to read. Even though the Copy Me game is always your idea, you tend to get upset after about 10 minutes of me copying your every sound and gesture. I love it! :) I’ve also had fun teaching you how to use the microwave, and you’re doing a great job waiting for me to be around before you use it.

Daddy and I took you to the park this morning because it was such beautiful weather. You’re coping well with Dad not being around so much anymore, and I think you understand more than you let on. You had lots of fun playing in the castle, the tree, and the sandbox. You didn’t like the swings, and when I decided it was too hot and we needed to come home, you were a very big boy who didn’t cry even though there were several other kids who were crying because they had to leave too. A pregnant lady who was watching her son play in the sandbox with you said you were like a “little man” and you were very polite and well-spoken. It made me smile. You told her you were 5 and that you would be 6 on January 12th next year, that you loved your dog Lexi, and enjoyed playing on MyNoggin. I giggled.

Next time though, please remember that you are not the only child on the playground and you cannot run through there as if you were. :) You knocked a baby over and I was very upset. He was not hurt as the collison wasn’t terrible, but you should have listened to me when I said, “Watch out!”

One more thing, please please be good to your Granny Grace while I am out tonight. Daddy may come by to stay with you while I go be just me for a couple hours, but I’m not sure yet.

Much love, hugs, and kisses–


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Forgive me…

As some of you may have noticed, I’ve canned the Love Dare, and stopped blogging here so much.

I don’t want to talk about it. I’m hiding in my own little corner, doing what needs to do be done. That’s all that everyone needs to know.

My love has torn me down the last time. I will rise from the ashes of the torched marriage again someday.

Until then, I must focus on the importance of my writing and skill so as to be able to support my son.

The Love Dare: Day 1: Love is Not Angry

Today’s Love Dare:  Go an entire day without saying anything negative to your spouse.

My thoughts: Wow. All I can say is wow. I didn’t expect the book to hit me like it did just a few pages into it. It made sense.

Our results: I woke up groggy and fussed about the dogs, so that was negative, but not to him, at him, or about him. :) I tried to extend it to my son as well, but his behavior did not allow for me to avoid negativity there.

We’ve gone many days without saying negative things to each other now that I think about it, but today is what made me realize that.

Now, to brag a little on my hubby.

Last night, Joe was horrid. The dogs (we’re dog sitting, mine’s in heat, we are attempting to breed, against my will. LOL) were terrible. I had work to do. I felt like crap (I’m in one of my spells, gotta love Cerebral Palsy, I swear…) and it was bad. Real bad. Jaytee was gone. I called him, told him I needed chocolate, smokes, and soda, and asked him to stop by the store on his way home.

He came home with a 20 oz for me to drink while the 2 liter got cold, two different chocolate bars (one with nuts, and one with heath) so I could choose my posion, a pack of cigs (though I don’t *need* those, addiction is a bitch) and a lighter. He convinced Joe to go to bed early. He kissed me and left again because he dropped what he was doing to run home to me, by choice.

Joe woke up at 6:30 this morning. Jaytee got up and kept him quiet, which is something neither of us do often. When there are not dogs around, he plays quietly and we can see him wherever is. We semi-sleep until daylight or a little after when he asks for food.

He didn’t stop there. He took him out of the house by 7:15. They went to the store and got me something. He killed time and took a friend to work.

He calls me at 1o this morning, minutes after I’d woken up on my own in a panic because I thought it was past noon. He stopped by to drop off what he’d bought. He and Joe left again, because now that I had slept, I needed time to relax and work in peace and quiet.

It wasn’t his fault that the laptop wanted to lose the wireless adapter every 2 minutes. It wasn’t his fault that I didn’t want to get out of bed to use the desktop to solve that problem. I didn’t get much of anything done until later on when I got upset and realized I was already falling behind and forced myself to the desk to work.

I told him I didn’t get anything done. He said, “It’s okay, and you know it. You relaxed. You had time to yourself.”

The man I fell in love with is shining through all the crap we’ve put each other through over the last 15 months. I’ve tried to remain just as thoughtful and kind as always, but I know I haven’t. It makes it easier now though, that’s for sure.

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