Transformation Thursday: At a loss

Okay, I had no idea what to title this one. Really, this week has a been a bad one, but of course, at the tail end of it I see things picking up.
Hubby and I had issues from Thursday-Sunday. I don’t want to talk about it. I won’t talk about it unless I like and [...]

Transformation Thursday: On Friday

Okay, so I totally missed last week. I’m a day late this week. This should so be an indicator of how I’ve been doing. I’ve been doing horribly on the fitness front.
But before you start fussing at me: I have the money for my car, and I’m waiting on the guy who is selling it [...]

The Week Ahead

Just so everyone knows…I just started this blog, but financial need has called for me to have to bust butt this week. I am racing to complete 80 articles by Thursday night so as to have almost 2K for a vehicle.
The vehicle we want is a fleet vehicle for the company my stepdad works [...]

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