Dear Kid Saturday: Craziness and Fun

Dear Joe–
Mom’s a few weeks behind on these letters, and I’m sorry. This week has been nuts, but fun for us. We’ve been playing the “Copy Me” game and learning how to read. Even though the Copy Me game is always your idea, you tend to get upset after about 10 minutes of me copying [...]

The Love Dare: Day 1: Love is Not Angry

Today’s Love Dare:  Go an entire day without saying anything negative to your spouse.
My thoughts: Wow. All I can say is wow. I didn’t expect the book to hit me like it did just a few pages into it. It made sense.
Our results: I woke up groggy and fussed about the dogs, so that was [...]

Transformation Thursday: Rollercoaster Ride

Everyone that reads this blog must think I have serious issues and need help. Truth is, I probably do, but I believe in helping myself. Not that people who get help from others are wrong for doing so, but when you’ve lost your best friend (my mother in law, by the way, yes.) because of [...]

Dear Kid Saturday: Helping Mom

Dear Joe,
This week has been stressful for Mom. You usually enjoy adding to the stress, and I’m not sure what changed this week. Whatever it is, I like it.
You were so good when we went to dinner at Rita’s. You ordered your food yourself, which I’d never seen you do before. By the way, the [...]

Transformation Thursday: On my Way

Hi everyone!  It’s Thursday! I’m on time! Yay!
Okay, I’m still not doing well on the diet and nutrition goals. But I am doing so good on everything else still.
Monday: Got my car. I’m paying way too much for it, but for the flexibility of no credit check, and no interest, along with brand [...]

Transformation Thursday: On Friday

Okay, so I totally missed last week. I’m a day late this week. This should so be an indicator of how I’ve been doing. I’ve been doing horribly on the fitness front.
But before you start fussing at me: I have the money for my car, and I’m waiting on the guy who is selling it [...]

Christmas Day!

Yay! It’s finally here! I am so excited.
Joe’s disappointment was short lived because Mom also got him the Hulk Powerful Mask he was so upset about not getting with the hands last night.
He opened his presents from us at Mom’s house and looked up and said, “Thanks Mom! Thanks Dad! This is the best Christmas [...]

Christmas Eve

Today has been rather hectic but I figured it would be the best day to start up the new blog.
After hustling to get some work done and get ready to go to Mom’s, we stopped at McDonald’s and then wrapped presents and cooked the turkey and ham to take to Grandma’s house.
Fast forward a few [...]

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