I have been so busy that I forgot Dear Kid Saturday! Oh no! I will have to write a post and back date it.
Things are moving swiftly in the right direction. I have a portion of savings that is almost a deposit. I spent the day Saturday driving around calling places for rent in the [...]

Transformation Thursday: Rollercoaster Ride

Everyone that reads this blog must think I have serious issues and need help. Truth is, I probably do, but I believe in helping myself. Not that people who get help from others are wrong for doing so, but when you’ve lost your best friend (my mother in law, by the way, yes.) because of [...]

Transformation Thursday: At a loss

Okay, I had no idea what to title this one. Really, this week has a been a bad one, but of course, at the tail end of it I see things picking up.
Hubby and I had issues from Thursday-Sunday. I don’t want to talk about it. I won’t talk about it unless I like and [...]

Transformation Thursday: On my Way

Hi everyone!  It’s Thursday! I’m on time! Yay!
Okay, I’m still not doing well on the diet and nutrition goals. But I am doing so good on everything else still.
Monday: Got my car. I’m paying way too much for it, but for the flexibility of no credit check, and no interest, along with brand [...]

Blog Theme Preview

Here’s a picture of the layout I made. The catch is that since this is a WP hosted blog with a domain pointed to it, I apparently can’t upload a custom theme like I did with what is supposed to be my portfolio site–which is severely lacking, by the way. When I did the custom [...]

Transformation Thursday: The Start of a New Me!

The start of a new year, a new me. Many people say that every year. I’ve said it before. But, I mean it. This year, things will be different. 2008 was one of the most terrible years of my life. A lost job, home, and vehicle… a shattered (thankfully rebuilt) marriage…it’s time to change my [...]

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