The Love Dare: Day 1: Love is Not Angry

Today’s Love Dare:  Go an entire day without saying anything negative to your spouse.
My thoughts: Wow. All I can say is wow. I didn’t expect the book to hit me like it did just a few pages into it. It made sense.
Our results: I woke up groggy and fussed about the dogs, so that was [...]

Transformation Thursday: Rollercoaster Ride

Everyone that reads this blog must think I have serious issues and need help. Truth is, I probably do, but I believe in helping myself. Not that people who get help from others are wrong for doing so, but when you’ve lost your best friend (my mother in law, by the way, yes.) because of [...]

The Love Dare Project

I was supposed to start the Love Dare on Valentine’s Day, but of course, I waited too long to order the book. I’ll start as soon as it gets here, and in the meantime, enjoy reading everyone else’s journey.
Update: My book came yesterday. I started Day one today. I think this is going [...]

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