Dear Kid Saturday: Testing the Waters

Dear Joe–
I really believe you are the most hard headed child on this planet. I cannot seem to get it through your little head no matter what I do that you are not to speak to me or your grandmother as though we are here only to serve you. If you do not stop barking [...]

Dear Kid Saturday: Hello 5

Dear Joe–
This week has been so fun playing with all of your new birthday toys. I am really glad you love Operation as much as I did when I was your age. The birthday/Christmas package from Grandpa in Washington was a bit much for Mom, with the recorder and noisy radar gun, but hey, at [...]

V Smile Cyber Pocket

Today, we went to the post office to pick up the brand new VSmile CyberPocket I ordered last week for Joe’s birthday. I decided that since his piano toy crapped out on us and because Grandma Luci had given us $50 to pick up something for him for Christmas that I would just give it [...]

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