Transformation Thursday: Rollercoaster Ride

Everyone that reads this blog must think I have serious issues and need help. Truth is, I probably do, but I believe in helping myself. Not that people who get help from others are wrong for doing so, but when you’ve lost your best friend (my mother in law, by the way, yes.) because of [...]

Transformation Thursday: At a loss

Okay, I had no idea what to title this one. Really, this week has a been a bad one, but of course, at the tail end of it I see things picking up.
Hubby and I had issues from Thursday-Sunday. I don’t want to talk about it. I won’t talk about it unless I like and [...]

Transformation Thursday: Feeling Sluggish

This week sucked. My big $$ temp job that was supposed to run through March, has been on hold for two weeks. There goes the money goal. My BH writers caused me to slave and be chained to my desk with a few other good writer friends of mine because no one knows how to [...]

Transformation Thursday: On my Way

Hi everyone!  It’s Thursday! I’m on time! Yay!
Okay, I’m still not doing well on the diet and nutrition goals. But I am doing so good on everything else still.
Monday: Got my car. I’m paying way too much for it, but for the flexibility of no credit check, and no interest, along with brand [...]

Transformation Thursday: On Friday

Okay, so I totally missed last week. I’m a day late this week. This should so be an indicator of how I’ve been doing. I’ve been doing horribly on the fitness front.
But before you start fussing at me: I have the money for my car, and I’m waiting on the guy who is selling it [...]

Transformation Thursdays: Slow start

I have done okay this week. I didn’t exercise like I would have liked to, but I still don’t have the equipment I need to kick it high gear. I walked all over the hospital for Ashley so she could get food while she stayed with Allie. I watched my calories all week and great [...]

Transformation Thursday: The Start of a New Me!

The start of a new year, a new me. Many people say that every year. I’ve said it before. But, I mean it. This year, things will be different. 2008 was one of the most terrible years of my life. A lost job, home, and vehicle… a shattered (thankfully rebuilt) marriage…it’s time to change my [...]

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